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Unless you've been sequestered on a deserted island, or on an isolated wellness retreat; odds are you're stuck "socially distancing" like the rest of the world due to Corona Virus. After the first few days, being stuck inside definitely loses its novelty for most of us, I'm even bored of reality TV! 

So what can we do to keep ourselves from getting depressed? What can we do to stay busy? What can we do to stay sane?

Here are a few things I've been doing to pass the time and keep my spirits up.

Get Dressed- 

This is probably one of the biggest, yet easiest things you can do. I'll admit I stayed in pjs pretty much all day the first 2 days at home. I mean who doesn't want to be comfy and cozy all day? You may not want to wear jeans, or dress up as much as you would to go into the office, but even just some cozy lounge wear and leggings! Taking off the clothes you slept in, showering, and putting on something to wear around the house is very important to your mental health- and hygiene!

Do Your Hair/ Makeup-

Okay so you got dressed, step one. Now lets finish the process! Even if you are just brushing it into a high pony, or washing and styling it into a quick braid, just DOING something will help. I know nothing makes me feel worse than catching a glance of myself in the bathroom mirror halfway through the day when I haven't done anything and I'm not presentable. Just putting on my brows and liner help me feel more like myself significantly more put together.

Get Outside-

If you can take a walk around your block, do it! Just be sure to follow proper protocol for social distancing and keep to yourself or with the people you live with. If you can't take a walk, just try sitting outside for 10 or 15 minutes a few times throughout the day! You'd be surprised how much a little Vitamin D will do for your mood and energy. I've been taking a walk around my block, some days even twice, as well as just sitting out in my backyard making phone calls, reading, or listening to my favorite podcast.

Stay Active-

This one may be hard, it absolutely is for me. Try facetiming with a friend if it helps motivate you- most of your friends are also stuck at home, bored out of their minds too! You can challenge and push each other, and even just 15 minutes will make a great difference. My roomie and I have been doing work-out DVD's and online videos together and even though its not my favorite thing, its a lot more fun together! Reward yourself after with that glass of wine you've been waiting for- I'm certainly not judging. 

Clean Out That Closet-

This one can be super daunting, but so rewarding! Work in sections, and take your time, its okay to do this over several days to avoid getting overwhelmed. Set yourself up with a Poshmark or Tradesy account, you can easily make some extra income by selling things you aren't wearing that are in good condition. I've definitely noticed increased traffic to my Poshmark Closet since last week, and it is nice to have a little extra money coming in while I'm laid off.

Cook Something-

I've been cooking a lot, I certainly can't afford to get food delivered daily plus; I don't want to risk any extra chances of exposure. Try recreating your favorite dishes from your go-to restaurants, there are copycats for everything online! A popular one I see is Zuppa Tuscana from Olive Garden, everyone I know loves this soup, plus its the ultimate comfort food. I personally love to make pizza, and there are so many different recipes and techniques you could make something different every day. Try different sauces and cheeses, and crust recipes are endless; cauliflower, chicken, wheat, cheese, thin, thick, stuffed and so many more. Maybe you like to bake? Challenge yourself! Set up a group video chat with a friend or two, and you've got yourself a digital baking class or competition! How fun!

Experiment, Try New Things, Learn new things-

With your makeup, with your hair, with your favorite recipes! Now is the PERFECT time to play around with your appearance because no one can really judge your bad hair day or crazy eye shadow. Always wanted to learn to braid your hair? Look it up on YouTube and try it out! YouTube is such a great resource for learning new things in general, check out videos on fashion, hair, make-up, cooking, organization tips, you name it! I've been playing with different subtle makeup looks, and trying different things with my wigs, I try something different every day, and now when I do go back to work I've already got a few new, easy looks down. Have a kitchen appliance you've been to intimidated to try? Now is the time! Break out that instant pot or air fryer, they are so easy and fun to use! There are entire communities dedicated to recipes and tips on Facebook and YouTube, its awesome, fun, and will keep you busy for hours.

From virtual happy hours, to family or roomate game nights and movie nights, there are so many ways to keep your spirits up and stay busy, active and healthy! I'd love to know what all of you are doing to keep your spirits up during this stressful time, feel free to email or write me on social media all about what you've been up to!

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay healthy, Stay Happy

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