The sun is here, lets play in COLOR.

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 One thing that has always baffled me, is how many of my clients express to me a fear and lack of comfort when it comes to wearing bright spring colors. When I worked in retail, my colorful dresses and jackets were a constant source of flattering- yet awkward commentary. "Oh my god, that color looks amazing on your skin!" "I WISH I could wear bright colors like that!" "You are so lucky that you can wear whatever color you want! I look that color washes me out." "I've always wanted to be able to wear orange." 

It truly amazed me that there were entire groups of women who just completed steered clear of bright, cheery, exciting colors on a regular basis- when they didn't even need to! 

Sure not every shade of every color fits everybody equally, yellow bringing you all the mellow? Try more of a mustard color! It will still be significantly brighter and more cheery than the plain white t-shirt you keep eyeing, and I promise you can wear it with the same jeans and jacket you were going to wear before.

Maybe you like the idea of brightening up those dark grays, blacks, and navy shades in your closet but red is a bit adventurous- okay, lets start with a warm pink, maybe a nice spring coral, or a burnt orange. These colors, while equally fun and exciting, may be an easier transition for you.

My favorite piece for a pop of color: A yellow, or bright pink blazer or faux leather jacket. You'd be surprised how wearable a jacket can be- yes even a pink one! I mean think about it, what DOESN'T go with pink

Pro Tip: If the idea of a top or a dress is a little overwhelming when it comes to playing with new colors, try a bright new lipstick. Same effect, a quarter of the commitment.

My advice is simple- embrace fun color, there is a shade for everyone!



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